Located in downtown Creston BC

Shopping at Cresteramics is a fun experience. From dragons to flower pots, garden critters to teapots, there will be a piece that just has to come home with you.

Charmingly displayed on rustic wooden shelves, the array of colours and choices will appeal to all, young and old. Fantasy and practicality sit side by side, tempting every side of one's nature. Wizards, castles, and dragons dominate in one area, they are astounding. Harry Potter, look out.

A bit more on the practical side, Cresteramics is gaining a reputation for creating burial urns for your loved ones. Many funeral homes apprise themselves of our service and pet lovers are also a good part of our clientele. These urns can be custom made.

The staff at Cresteramics are very knowledgeable in regards to all the products, and are very friendly and extremely helpful. One of the most delightful places to shop in downtown Creston or on the internet.

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